These Terms and conditions together with the documents expressly referred to in them, provides information about us and the legal Terms and conditions on which you would be authorised to distribute the Insurance Products.  Before you can continue to process any details and use this website, you will be asked to agree to these Terms.  Please click on the button marked “I Accept” at the end of these Terms if you accept them.  If you refuse to accept these Terms then you will not be able to continue to use this website.




We, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co (Aus) Limited (AJGCo), hold an Australian Financial Services Licence No. 227017 pursuant to the Corporations Act 2001.  We carry on the business of a general insurance broker and our main trading address is Level 12, 201 Miller St, North Sydney, 2060 NSW.


  1. 1.        DEFINITIONS


1.1            Where appearing in these Terms, the following words have the meaning set out below.


AFS Licensee

means a person who holds an Australian financial services licence (other than AJG). 



means Arthur J. Gallagher & Co (Aus) Limited (AJGCo), a company incorporated in New South Wales with ACN 061 063 303.



has the meaning given in ASIC Class/Order [05/1070].


Insurance Products

means policies of Landlord Insurance (Rental Protect) underwritten by Australis Group (Underwriting) Pty Ltd as managing agent for Lloyds Australia.



means all Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice and any relevant circular, directive, policy statement and the like issued by any government or industry body which apply to the provision of general insurance services.


In accepting these Terms, you agree to be appointed a Distributor of AJG for the purposes of providing information to your customers about the Insurance Products.


You will:


(a)            Only provide information about the Insurance Products in accordance with the directions and materials supplied by AJG from time to time;

(b)            Obtain AJG’s written approval before publishing any materials (electronically or otherwise) which refer to AJG, any insurer or to the Insurance Products;

(c)             Comply with the Legislation;

(d)            Comply with any reasonable direction of AJG;

(e)            At your expense, ensure your employees who will perform the functions described in these Terms complete any training or other accreditation and participate in audits and other supervisory activity required by AJG.

(f)             Immediately notify AJG in writing of any claim or circumstances which might give rise to a claim against AJG, you or any of your employees, offices, agents and subcontractors who are appointed as Distributors, or any insurer.


1.2            You will not:


(a)            Provide any personal or general advice to any person on behalf of AJG;

(b)            Do or say anything that will or is likely to damage or diminish AJG’s business reputation or brand names.



  1. 2.               INSURANCE AND INDEMNITY


2.1            You will indemnify AJG for any loss or damage sustained by AJG as a result of any act or omission by you or your employees or customers, whether that act or omission constitutes a breach of these Terms or not.


2.2            By accepting these Terms, you confirm that you hold a contract of professional indemnity insurance covering the activities authorised by these Terms (including any errors and omissions) in a form required by AJG and that all costs and premiums due in respect of that contract of insurance have been paid.


2.3            If you do not hold a contract of professional indemnity insurance, one will be arranged for you by AJG at your cost.


2.4            You will:


(a)     Immediately notify AJG in writing of any claim or circumstances which might give rise to a claim under your professional indemnity insurance (whether notified to the insurer or not);

(b)     On renewal of the insurance and on request, provide AJG with a certificate of currency evidencing that the insurance has been placed and maintained in accordance with these Terms.


  1. 3.               RELATIONSHIP


3.1            The relationship between AJG and you is of principal and agent and you are not in any way a partner or employee of AJG.


3.2            AJG is obliged to monitor and supervise your activities pursuant to the Corporations Act 2001 and AJG may delegate this activity.  AJG will conduct audits of your activity under these Terms and you will provide AJG or its delegate with access to all relevant personnel, files, correspondence, promotional material and other documents of any kind for this purpose upon request.  You will obtain any necessary consent to disclose personal information held in the documents you supplied to AJG in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).


3.3            All documents about the Insurance Products or AJG supplied by AJG remain the property of AJG and must be returned to AJG on request.


  1. 4.               TERMINATION


4.1        AJG may terminate your appointment as a distributor if you:


(a)     Breach any laws, regulations and codes of practice which apply to general insurance;

(b)     Are the subject of a banning order or disqualification from providing financial services;

(c)      Commit any serious or persistent breach of any of these Terms;

(d)     Are acting in a manner which is unprofessional, unethical or likely to harm the professional standing of AJG;

(e)     Go into liquidation or have a receiver or administrator appointed (whether voluntarily or not) or, being an individual, become bankrupt;

(f)      Being an individual, die or suffer permanent and total disablement.


4.2        Where AJG terminates your appointment as a Distributor, you must immediately cease engaging in any promotional activity or sale of the Insurance Products and must not in any way represent or otherwise hold yourself out to be associated with AJG:


  1. 5.        MISCELLANEOUS


             These Terms are governed by the laws of New South Wales.







  I have read and agree to the terms and conditions